Thursday, 28 November 2013

Auto blog poster

Do you want to publish free, keyword-rich content
to your Blogger & WordPress blogs automatically?


A New, Never Before Seen

Content-To-Blog Script!

The Automated Blogger Poster can update an unlimited number of Blogger, WordPress blogs, Drupal from ANY RSS Feed, Yahoo News, ClickBank Products etc,.
You can use it to build strong backlinks to your main site or to automate a huge number of blogs with AdSense and affiliate links.
rss to blogger
Now ... I know what you're thinking,
Can't I do this with WordPress and different plugins?
Yes, you can.
But, I will show you why Automated Blogger Poster is better than other solutions:
It's cheaper then WordPress!
    BloggerPoster is the first tool that is compatible to post upto 14 different types of blogging platfrom including Blogger, WordPress (Hosted, SelfHosted, MU), Drupal etc,
Save your time - It's faster
    With single installation of BloggerPoster you can add unlimited blogs and control from the single panel. Its possible to manage any number of Blogger blogs, WordPress blogs from the single panel!
Google prefer Blogger blogs than Wordpress !
   Quality Content is a Key after Panda Update! With BloggerPoster you can enhance the quality with Inbuilt ArticleSynonymizer and variety of Goodies to blend the post content as you like!

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