Friday, 25 April 2014

How Make Money Online Exclusive Tips

If you are seriously thinking that you want to earn money online from home by way of internet marketing and are totally new to it then I’d like to save you a lot of frustration and grief, not to mention time and money.  As someone without any experience with online marketing and my only real knowledge with a computer was using email, doing searches and very basic computer tasks I had this idea that I wanted to learn to make money online.
Now, I often think to myself what was I thinking – I must have been crazy!  That was over 4 years ago. I jumped right in the deep end without knowing how to swim.  I didn’t do it alone either; my daughter took the leap with me. She was also anxious to get involved with making an income using internet marketing but she had as little knowledge as me which didn’t help.
earn money online from home
All of us have our own reasons for looking to the internet to make extra income.  For some it’s because they hate their job or don’t have a job, for others it’s to get away from the 9-5 rat race, of getting paid less than your worth, the thought of never getting ahead, and always having to answer to a boss. For my daughter and I it was a little different.  Ours was due to a significant loss that created some major life challenges that lead to life forever changing.  It was the need to move forward again but in a different way.  Both my daughter and I had talked about internet marketing as being a good option for us. We loved the idea of having the freedom and what we were hearing about all the success stories got us motivated.
While the idea of sitting on a beach with a computer making a fortune in less than 10 hours a week sounded ideal but almost too good to be true, we are both intelligent with realistic expectations and not gullible people believing all we see and hear. In fact we are probably more skeptical than most.  When someone wants to sell you something you rarely hear the whole truth and things are usually pumped up way out of proportion, we took a lot of what we heard about being able to work at home and earn money online with a grain of salt.
We had reservations about the hours and the dollar amounts that were being thrown around but at the same time knew that there must be ways to at least be able to make a good income if we were prepared to work at it. And we were prepared to put in a lot more than a few hours a week.  We were ready to put in full time hours if needed to get things rolling if it meant that we could earn money online.
Talk about a newbie at something – we were it!  I didn’t know anyone else that was doing internet marketing so I was going into it totally blind so had to take a lot of information on blind faith.  If you have someone to point out the biggest pit falls and help you out that’s a real bonus.  You’ll still make mistakes and you’ll probably still end up spending more money than you need but it will be only a fraction of what you would do by going into a online business blindly without any help. It took a long time to sift through the garbage then I found what I was looking for and it’s like night and day!
Knowing what I know now would I choose to make money on the internet again?  The answer is YES, however, I would certainly do thing in a very different way. I would spend a lot of time making a proper plan and knowing what my intentions are after all you are building a business.  You wouldn’t do a bricks and mortar business and not have any idea or plan what you were going to do without it being destined for failure.
There is a lot to learn and you just as well know now that you will never learn it all nor do you need to learn it all. You can get a website built quite reasonably so you don’t have to learn all the nuts and bolts of that before you can get a website.  By all means it’s good to know how to do it but not necessary. Spend your time and effort doing what you really need to do and can do yourself then  if you can afford it let others do the rest. You can outsource anything and when you know where to go you will be surprised how inexpensive it can be. Knowing what you want is key while you are struggling to learn something; someone that is an expert can have it done for you.
Before you get too involved in starting a project make a plan, make it as detailed as you can. Without a plan it will be like leaving the house to go on a trip and having no idea where you are going or how you will get there or what you need to take with you.   Before you or someone else builds a website for you, you have to know what the website is going to be about.  In other words you have to pick a niche and you want to pick one where you have a good chance of being successful and preferably one that you have some knowledge with and actually have an interest in. Don’t look for something obscure thinking that no-one else has ever chosen this niche and you can corner the market with it, you have to have people searching for what you are offering or you are doomed to fail. While you are making your plan a part of it will be to do a search to find out how many people are looking for the niche that you have chosen. More to come…Now I know the answer!
Now Your Questions Are
1.)    How you build your website
2.)    How your web site show first
3.)    How start marketing  

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