Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How To Lose Weight Fast and Naturally Exclusive Tips

We see various topic and advertisement on weight loss in World Wide Web, Advertising media, Local Poster Advertising and also visual media about.
What is weight loss?
In medical Science human’s fitness calculation is calculated by height and weight with age. I am giving you a height and weight first you calculate your body weight by height whether you are overweight or underweight. If you are in over weight category your fitness is in danger zone. In 2013 WHO reported that 2000 -2012 over weight problem increased by 5%.
How To Lose Weight Fast
Height wise weight cart for men and women
chart of
Why Loss body weight or what happened for Over weight?
Over weight consist various health problems in our Life? In medical science says 80% of knee problem Happened from overweight, which called arthritis. 50% off high blood pressure and after 40 years of age 60% diabetes problem happened them who are over weighted. Other hand in your normal life you can notice that you fill tired doing few work than a perfect weighted person. That is why you care about your body weight.
If you are in overweight, what do and what don’t.
Don’t s     (1) Consume junk oily food.
                (2) Consume have fat food.
                (3) Use pill without you physicians suggestion. (Weight loss pills are harmful and also short time effected.)
Does        (1) Eat fresh vegetable
                (2) Take minimum rest.
                (3) Workout regularly a few times.
                (4) Drink Fresh Water 

         And many more natural things you can find in this book Weight Loss Tips. 

Over weight is not your fault. This happed from some bad habits in our life. You can normally recover from this problem without any medicine only changing your food habit, few normal workouts. You can also take advice from world famous Body Mass Index (BMI) specialist Dr. Alexander Carli’s suggestion book. You will find this book here


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