Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Affiliate Marketing Strategies #20 – Sell High-Ticket Amazon Products #21 – Offer Low-Ticket Amazon Products

Sell High-Ticket Amazon Products

Normally I don’t promote products with small margins. But, is the exception to that rule!

While their affiliate commission rates starts at 4% and caps out at 8.5%; you can make good money by promoting their products.

You do this by building niche Amazon affiliate websites. The commission rates aren’t that high.  But there is a potential to make a huge profit if you can generate a lot of web traffic.

What you want to do is look for “buying keywords” people use to find specific products.  These are people who are ready to make a purchase right now, but need a little more information. They come to your website and read the “presell” information. YOUR job is to redirect them to Amazon where they’ll purchase the item and you get a sales commission.

My “sweet spot” for Amazon products is the $50 to $200 price range. This is a price point where customers generally make quick purchasing decisions, while also giving YOU a solid commission.

The best overview of this process is Chris Guthrie’s course on Amazon Niche Profits. {affiliate link}

He’s done really well with Amazon products Making over six-figures a year from these sites. The trick I’ve learned is to follow a proven system. I like Chris’s product because he gives step-by-step detail; without a lot of fluff.

Overall, I think there is an amazing potential with Amazon. I think its going to be bigger than Wal-Mart!

Promoting products from this site can give you another nice source of affiliate revenue.

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Offer Low-Ticket Amazon Products

Okay its math time!

Imagine two scenarios:

In the first you sell 100 Amazon products priced at $100. According to Amazon’s referral rate chart; you’d get a 6.5% commission which means you’ve earned $650.

In the second, you sell the same amount of products at the same price. Instead of the 6.5% commission rate, your earnings are at 8.5%. That’s a total of $850! So basically you’ve earned an extra $200 for the same amount of effort!

How is this possible?

Well, Amazon has a sliding scale when it comes to their commission rates. It caps out if you sell over 3131 products in a single month:

Affiliate Marketing Strategies #20 – Sell High-Ticket Amazon Products

So you’re probably wondering: “How do I sell 3131 products in a single month?”

It’s not that hard if you build sites that sell a lot of little things. Like Kindle eBooks, cell phone covers, and low-cost toys.

This technique is an untapped market. Your average Amazon affiliate marketer goes after the big bucks. But you can actually make good money by going after a volume of small niche sites.

If you’re serious about building Amazon sites then I recommend creating income streams where you promote both large and small ticket items.

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